Mid 2008 Dutchman Sebastiaan Hooft founded Maschile, a boutique venture capital company that gradually transformed into an entrepreneur in residence for portfolio companies.

We invest a small amount of money (less than $10k) in a small number of startups (most recently 24), through syndicates. The startups are based in Silicon Valley.

The most important thing we started to do is work with the startups on their teams. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves and spend time teaching founders how to develop their idea, build their teams, execute on their planning, find the right resources and build a healthy environment for personal growth.

But our role doesn’t end there. We’re based in the Netherlands and got involved in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, where we continue to help founders for the life of their startup, and beyond. Gradually we transformed into an Entrepreneur in Residence for investors, universities, accelerators and corporate entrepreneurship programs. We work intensively with startups to get the company into the best possible shape, act as a super product manager and refine their pitch to investors.